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Filial Therapy with Dr Virginia Ryan

Filial Therapy Combines Play Therapy and Family TherapyFamily in profile

Filial therapy is becoming better known in the UK and Ireland since Dr Virginia Ryan helped introduce it several years ago. Filial therapy already was well established and well researched in the US before this.  Filial therapy, by combining play therapy and family therapy, has been shown to be effective for emotionally troubled children and their families.  Filial therapy trains parents in non-directive play therapy skills, and it is the parents themselves who offer therapeutic play times to their own children under close supervision by their filial therapists. Filial therapy enables children to address emotional issues within their play times and enables parents to understand and help their children first in their play times and then in their everyday lives.  Filial therapy helps all family members and can include significant attachment figures in addition to a parent, as well as being able to be adapted for very young children and teenagers.

Dr Virginia Ryan and her Clinical Services

Dr Virginia Ryan, child and adolescent psychologist, is a leading professional in play therapy and filial therapy in the UK and Ireland who helps families using these well researched approaches.  Please contact Virginia for more information on filial therapy and play therapy referrals. See about Virginia for her qualifications and background.  Virginia’s website www.playandfilialtherapy.co.uk gives fuller details on consultations for parents and professionals, supervision and other services offered by Dr Virginia Ryan.